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Today is more than Valentine’s Day ❤️ to is the first day in over 40 years that when I woke up and opened my eyes I could instantly see clearly the little white flowers on the trees right outside my window. I could also see what time it was without having to reach for my glasses!!! Today is a gift that will keep on giving to myself for the rest of my life. I have spent way to many years struggling with sight and today I am FREE!!! This is how I am spending Valentine’s Day, being grateful for all that I have and all that is still to come! ❤️ #justwokeup #icansee #eyes #valentinesday #nomakeup #morning #stillinbed #pjs #lasiksurgery #miracles #sohappy #movingforward #selfcare #goals #ideservethis #makeithappen #journey #me #nofeettoday #footsees805


❤️ 33



So happy for you!!


Aww glad you can see clearly know, happy you were a candidate that would work!


That’s great! I am going to save my money and get that done! I am blind!


So happy for you!💜💜




😍😍😍 WOOHOOOOO!!! So excited! 😘🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Now we can enjoy even more of your beauty! ❤️😘


I dunno. I kinda liked the glasses....😂😂😂


oh my goodness that’s wonderful! I constantly have to buy the huge Costco contact solution for us. so happy for you!! 😀how wonderful it is to wake up and see!!

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