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As #diabetesawarenessmonth comes to an end, I wanted to ask a question to the Type 1 Diabetes community: How do you monitor your blood sugar? Comment with your method and any questions about mine and I will answer as many as I can! I’m honoured to be the first Canadian to wear the Dexcom G6. My Dexcom helps me monitor my blood sugar in real time with a new reading every 5 minutes linking to my phone. #Dexcom #CGM #T1D


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My son has a DAD as well. She has been life changing for him, both mentally and physically!


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Max! Dude, you are a hero to my Dskate 11 year old Brendan, from St. Louis! He was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago and has been skating since he’s been 3 or 4. He is currently using the Dexcom g6 and the Omnipod dash! Although its not T1D related, Brendan would like to know... “what is your favorite band?”




Dexcom g6 for my hockey playing kid with Type 1


@marcyrobison @haddy611 I thought you’d both be interested in following his feed.


My son uses the g6 as well


My son wear a g6, we just recently switched from the libre. Also we were at your game tonight against the flames my son was so excited to see you he really wished he could have got you to sign your book he has💙


I come from America and if I had to admit I rely on dexcom for everything 😂


max domi your my favourite player. I live In toronto but i still like the habs 😂😂. Is it possible for me to get a youth jersey of yours? your my favourite player. Thank you for the help to make the habs better!


I mainly use a CGM and Pump. I use the Dexcom G6 with a tandem pump


Dexcom is awesome bro! I love it. Being a physique competitor constantly working out it has really helped me manage my sugars better. Got your book for Christmas as well really looking forward to reading it! Cheers and happy holidays man


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@max Are you MDI right now? What was your motivation? I have an MDI hockey-playing 17 year old pondering a pump...he does well without it wondering your motivation.


I wear the G5 and it works great and if I start to go low when my playing hockey I know it helps a lot and I have the omnipod and I reduce the amount of insulin I get well I’m on the ice.


My son still does finger pokes. Lots of eating and lots of hockey means TONS of test strips!


I use my dexcomG6 for constant monitoring and my Omnipod to pre-bolous to keep my sugar levels as balanced as I can


G6 for the win! I’ve been considering going back on the omnipod but am always worried about pulling it out or damaging it when I’m on the ice in full equipment, the new bionic pancreas is almost ready so that’s definitely something to look forward to! How do you make sure you’re sugars stay level during games?


My 13 year old got the G6 this fall. It’s great! Having his glucose right there on his pump is so helpful. Especially right now as he goes through puberty. Keeping up with his ever changing insulin needs has been hard these last 6 months, so having his glucose number right there is improving his A1c.


i use the libre

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