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Been working hard on this one for awhile. Join me in Montreal on November 10 to celebrate the launch of my book NO DAYS OFF! Event information and tickets available at link in my bio #nodaysoffbook


❤️ 15594



@max are you there a little earlier? Have to fly back home to muskoka at 12:30 😥


@louis_hulec5 have you read this book?!


Hey Max, this looks great. Would love to read it. How can your Australian fans access it? Will it be available here? On kindle?


As a mom of TD1 boy that was diagnosed at 13 this book was so well written and honest . I found myself nodding and agreeing with the struggles and challenges. Thank you for putting in words what we all face and for showing others that TD1 doesn’t limit your ability - anything is possible


Your book has been very inspirational to my T1D kiddo.. He doesn’t play hockey but it’s helped us both cope through his first year of diagnosis so thank you Max for sharing your story...


You should write about how @ipro13 just gave you the sauce in front of your home town loll. @max 🐌


Love the hat


I read it. it is so awesome


Getting this book!!! 🔥


Can’t put the book down- inspirational to my #16 hockey player - diagnosed at the age of 6 #thankyouforsharing


Can’t wait to get the book , the topic hits home hard , merry Xmas go Habs go


Got this book for Christmas and read it in two days. Unreal @max 👌 as a type one diabetic with celiac disease AND stage four kidney disease this book was so relatable and such an inspirational read❤️ thank you for writing this book 🙏


Hey I got this book for Christmas and it is a crazy good story and I love it


I got this book for Christmas! I'm T1D


We get it, you’re diabetic👏


My sister just got diagnosed with type one diabetes one month ago and she got your book,


I have you’re book.💖


My friend has the book


My 13 yr old (who has T1D) and I both read it. It really hit home...reading about some of your difficult moments, and being able to relate. My son really looks up to you. Thank you for writing this book. You make him feel less alone in this lifelong battle.


My son is doing a book report on your book! He’s 8 and plays on MA for the Taunton Brewins!!!


Nice work! Always happy to see another T1 taking great care of themselves! 🙌


I’m reading that book


I've been wanting this book, just haven't had much time and unfortunately I have the time now so going to be buying the book. My question for you @max is, is there anywhere I can purchase a signed copy online or no?

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